My name is Michael Spavor. I am a full-time consultant specializing in diverse projects and initiatives involving research, business consulting and the development of sport, education and cultural exchanges with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) a.k.a North Korea.
I’m originally from Calgary, Canada but I’ve spent over 16 years living, working and studying in East Asia. For the past seven years, I have amassed a considerable amount of experience, and made many contacts and friends working within the DPRK. In addition to working in many organisational leadership and management positions, my past roles have involved close cooperation with various governments, UN organisations, humanitarian and development NGOs, academics, investors, tourists, professional athletes, celebrities, and world leaders.



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Marshall Kim Jung Un and Michael Spavor, Wonsan DPRK (September 2013)

Marshall Kim Jong Un and Michael Spavor

Dennis Rodman Delegation to the DPRK (Wonsan, September 2013)

 Kim Jung Un, Dennis Rodman and Michael Spavor

(left to right) Dennis Rodman, Kim Chul (translator),

Marshall Kim Jung Un and Michael Spavor

Dennis Rodman Delegation to the DPRK (East Sea, September 2013)

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