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Most Frills Included!


Beijing (China), Pyongyang, Nampo & Sariwon (DPRK)


Wrestling, Waterslides, Beaches, Bars, Bowling,

Shooting, Amusement Parks

and much much more …



Thursday, August 28th to Tuesday, September 2nd 2014


Number of days:

6 days / 5 nights (4 nights DPRK & 1 night Beijing)


Tour Price:

1600 Euro

 Note: This price includes the 2 tickets to both wrestling matches (USD $200 value) and DPRK visa fees, most extras & entrance fees valued at over 300 Euro, including; tips and other normally not included extra fees charged on normal or regular tours. Some discounts and extra charges may apply; see below for more detailed information. 


300 euro deposit to hold your space (spots are very limited) on a first come first serve basis.


Application Deadline:

August. 17th 2014 (non-US citizens)

August. 13th 2014 (US citizens)


Full Payment Deadline:

August 22nd 2014


Guide & Cultural Interpreter:

Michael P. Spavor  (English and Korean speaking)


About the Trip:

Join me and a few friends on a short trip to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK – also known as North Korea) to marvel at Kanji “Antonio” Inoki’s Pro-Wrestling and Martial Arts Extravaganza event, scheduled to take place in Pyongyang on August 30th & 31st—an event organized by the Ministry of Sports, International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMAGC), and of course the famous Japanese professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, promoter, and politician himself, Antonio Inoki (アントニオ猪木).

Wrestlers from eight countries, including the United States, Japan, and France will compete in what promises to be an amazing experience not seen since the legendary 1995 “Collision in Korea” that the IMAGC believes will be rivaled by this “WWE-like” performance. The two-day event is scheduled to take place at the Chun Doo Hyun Gymnasium in downtown Pyongyang—the same venue where the 2013 Dennis Rodman Basketball game with members of the Harlem Globetrotters was held.

I have been granted special permission to invite and give access for a limited number of lucky tourists to this event. Besides taking in the wrestling/martial arts performance, this trip is designed to be a fun 6-day vacation which will include visits to some of my favorite restaurants, pubs, and sites of old as well as many new places and activities that even I haven’t visited or seen yet.


Day 1 - Thursday, August 28th

Beijing Welcoming Dinner & Pub Night


Beijing Hotel Check-in after 2pm (TBA)

6pm Pre-trip Briefing and Q&A

7pm Beijing Welcoming Dinner and Meet & Greet

Optional: Drinks at local Beijing microbrew pub

Overnight: Beijing Hotel Sanlitun/Dongzhimen Area (TBA)


Day 2 - Friday, August 29th

Arrival in DPRK, Bowling, Clambake & Hot Springs


10:00 am Depart for Beijing Capital Airport (Terminal 2)

Check-in Depart Air Koryo Flight JS 152 (12:00)


Arrive in Pyongyang (15:00)

Visit the Mansudae Grand Monument – See the iconic bronze statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Brews & Bowling at Pyongyang’s Golden Lanes bowling hall & pub

Drive to Nampo (1-hour drive)

DPRK Welcoming Dinner & Drinks

Local Outdoor (DPRK Style) Petrol Clambake including local liquors and beers with DPRK guides and driver

Overnight: Nampo’s Ryonggang Guest House and Hot Springs – Each room in each villa has its own large private natural spring-water hot tub!


Day 3 - Saturday, August 30th

Day at the Beach, Pyongyang and 1st Wrestling Event


After breakfast visits the Nampo West Sea Barrage – an 8 km long dam separating the Taedong River from the West Sea of Korea.

Spend the  morning lunch and the early afternoon relaxing at Nampo’s Waudo Beach. This is a favorite day-trip site for families, work groups, and students from Pyongyang and Nampo. Feel free to join in with the local beach goers playing ping pong, volleyball, and football on the beach and enjoy a nice cool beer. (bring your bathing suit and sports gear!)


Lunch on the Beach (Korean style boxed lunch)

Drive back to Pyongyang

Visit the newly built Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and captured US spy ship USS Pueblo

Inoki’s Pro-Wrestling and Martial Arts Extravaganza (Part I)

* $ 100 USD ticket included! (upgrade available)


Event After Party at the Koryo Hotel

Overnight: Pyongyang Hotel (TBA)


Day 4 - Sunday, August 31st

City Tour, Waterpark and More Wrestling


Juche Tower and Tadong River Waterfront Area

Morning Walk from Kim Il Sung Square to the Pyongyang Theater

Walk around Moranbong Park – potential dancing, picnicking and drinking with locals

Subway ride 6 stops to Kaeson Station

Arch of Triumph

Wolhyang Gift Shop



Munsu Waterpark – Enjoy the newly built indoor and outdoor waterslides and sports facilities with locals on one of the busiest days of the year. They have many other sports facilities (basketball, rock climbing, volleyball etc.) excellent sports massage, snack bars, restaurants and a pub (bring your bathing suit and sports gear)

Inoki’s Pro-Wrestling and Martial Arts Extravaganza (Part II)

* $ 100 USD ticket included! (upgrade available)

Dinner at Pyongyang’s famous Duck BBQ Restaurant

Event After Party at the Koryo Hotel

Overnight: Pyongyang Koryo Hotel


Day 5 - Monday, September 1st – Labor Day

Sariwon and the Sites of Pyongyang


Drive to Sariwon (1.5 hours)

Option: Visit the American War Atrocities Museum (warning quite graphic!)

Sariwon Folk Village

Local Sariwon Makkeolli Bar & Tavern – Makkeolli is delicious traditional Korean alcoholic beverage

Lunch at the 7.27 Victory Day Restaurant

Drive back to Pyongyang



Walking tour of the Gwangkbok Street Sports Complex

Meari Shooting Range & Pub – Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges

Other special activities (TBA)

Farewell Dinner

Kaesong Youth Amusement Park

Evening drinks at the Rakwon Beer and Makkeolli Microbrewery & Pub or the Taedongang Beer Pub Number #3

Overnight: Koryo Hotel


Day 6 - Tuesday, September 2nd

Back to Beijing and Optional Dinner and Drinks


Depart Hotel

Depart Pyongyang’s Sunan Airport

Arrive in Beijing Capital Airport (Terminal 2) (10:00am)

End of tour


Optional: Join up for dinner, drinks and stories in Beijing!

Location (TBA)



Trip Details


Included in the tour price:

-       All breakfasts, lunches and dinners

-       Return flights to and from Pyongyang from Beijing and transportation

-       5 nights hotel in DPRK – 1st Class Deluxe Hotels Koryo (4 nights) and Nampo Ryonggang Guest House and Hot Springs (1 night) Based on double occupancy (we will match you up with a friend if you are flying in solo)

-       Beer and water at lunches and dinners (but buy extra if necessary)

-       Transportation from Beijing Hotel to Beijing Capital Airport (Terminal 2)

-       Smiles, jokes, anecdotes, some basic DPR Korean language skills and some fun & interesting stories everyday


Extras Also Included in the tour price:

Note: The below fees and extra charges are usually not included on regular tours to the DPRK!  I have included these fees and extra charges into the total tour price to streamline the trip and make things up front and straight forward (total value over 300 Euro).

-       DPRK Visa fee (50 Euro)

-       1 night hotel in Beijing (35 Euro)

-       Bowling and shoes at Pyongyang’s Golden Lanes (value 10 Euro)

-       Nampo Petrol Clam Bake (10 Euro)

-       Entrance to Nampo’s Waudo Beach (5 Euro)

-       2 nights second class ticket for “Inoki’s Pro-Wrestling and Martial Arts Extravaganza” (value 150 euro or $200 USD)

-       Tips for driver, guide and translator (40 euro per person) feel free to tip

-       Floral gifts (3 Euro)

-       Entrance fee for Munsu water park (15 Euro)

-       Entrance fee for Kason Youth Amusement Park (5 Euro)

-       Entrance fee for Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum & US spy ship USS Pueblo (10 Euro)

-       Entrance fee for the Sariwon American War Atrocities Museum

-       Entrance fee for Sariwon Folk Village

-       Pyongyang Subway ride


Not Included

-       Return flights to and from Beijing (where the tour begins and ends) from wherever you are coming from

-       Chinese double entry visa (if required), most people will qualify for the Free Beijing 72-hour Visa. Click here for more information or contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence for more information. (

-       Souvenirs, t-shirts and posters

-       Extra beers, liquor and drinks (during meals included)

-       Drinks and food at after parties (approx. 1 – 3 euros a beer)

-       1st class upgrade for “Inoki’s Wrestling Extravaganza” (extra 100 USD per night) Note: 2nd Class ticket included for both events!

-       Ticket to top of Juche Tower (5 euro)

-       Munsu Water Park ex. massage, sports, alcohol, water slides (Entrance fee is included)

-       Rides at Kaeson Youth Amusement Park (1 ~ 3 euro per ride) (Entrance fee is included)

-       Ammunition at Meari Shooting Range & Pub (indoor range $1 USD per bullet or $5 USD per bullet for outdoor hunting range)


Other Notes:

-       Beijing residents (or those with accommodation in Beijing) can deduct 30 Euros for the night of Thursday, August 28th

-       Single room supplement fee  (if you want your own room) 40 Euro per night x 5 nights = 200 Euro

-       Couples, friends and lovers sharing a room for all five nights can deduct 100 Euro each

-       Current full-time students with valid student ID (within 6 months) can receive a 5% discount

-       Under 16 years old 100 Euro deduction


For more information or any questions please feel free to contact us at:


Deposit and Payment Options

Deposits and full payments are to be made via bank transfer to:

Bank Name: Bank of China

Name: Michael Peter Todd Spavor

Account Number: 6217 8606 0000 0316 257

Branch: Yanbian


Bank Address: Yanji City, Jilin Province, China


If you prefer another payment method please contact us to find another solution at:


About Inoki’s 1995 “Collision in Korea”

This two-day event, held on 28–29 April 1995, was the largest international professional wrestling event to be held in North Korea. It was organized by World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, and reportedly attracted 150,000 people on the first day and 190,000 on the second day. It is considered the largest attended event in wrestling history.

View a  You Tube clip of the 1995 event here: US-Wrestling in North Korea (1995) – Rare Footage – WCW Collision in Korea


Disclaimer: This schedule is tentative, and subject to change. It is quite normal and expected for some small changes on any trip to the DPRK, but our hosts always do their best to accommodate us within their abilities. Deposits are non-refundable for administration and advanced booking purposes.


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