Japanese Wrestlers

2. Aoki Shinya (Player)

Shinya Aoki (青木真也) – holder of a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and another in Judo, mixed marital artist, lightweight champion and currently competing in ONE Fighting Championship’s Featherweight division. ONE FC is the largest mixed martial arts promoter in the world.



3. Daichi Hashimoto (Player)Daichi Hashimoto (橋本大地) – currently pro-wrestler in the Inoki Genome Federation, formerly of Pro Wrestling Zero1.






4. Crusher KawaguchiYusuke Kawaguchi (クラッシャー川口)– heavyweight, mixed martial artist and pro-wrestler. Currently fighting in DREAM, a global mixed martial arts promotion based in Japan.





6. Shinichi Suzukawa (Player)Wakakirin Shinichi (鈴川真一選手)– former Japanese sumo wrestler, mixed marital artist and pro-wrestler at Inoki Genome Federation in Japan, former Tokyo Sports rookie of the year in 2011.



9. Maiko Satomura (Female Player)Meiko Satomura (里村麻衣子) – Female Japanese pro-wrestler former GAEA Japan champion, winner of Tokyo Sports Joshi Puroresu Grand Prize (2013), co-founder of Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling promotion.




7. Astushi Sawada (Player)Atsushi Sawada (澤田敦士) – Inoka Genome Federation wrestler






8. Shogun Okamoto (Player)Shogun Okamoto (将軍岡本) – Inoka Genome Federation wrestler






5. Keisuke Okuda (Player)

Keisuke Okuda (奥田啓介) – Inoka Genome Federation wrestler 







International Wrestlers



11. Bob Sapp? (Players) USABob Sapp (USA)– mixed martial artist, pro-wrestler, and former American Footballer, as well as actor and comedian. Has fought in the Pride Fighting Championships (mixed-marital arts), K-1 (kickboxing), Cage Rage (mixed martial arts) and the Super Fight League (mixed-martial arts).



12. Bobby La Sully (Player) USA

Bobby Lashley (USA) – mixed martial artist and pro-wrestler, World Heavyweight champion in Total Nonstop Action Wresting, Xtreme Fight Night Heavyweight champion and Shark Fights Heavyweight champion.



13. Eric Hammer (Player) USAEric Hammer (USA)– mixed martial artist, pro-wrestler for the Inoka Genome Federation





14. Monitor Dona Silva (Player) BrazilMontanha Silva  (Brazil)– mixed martial artist, pro-wrestler for the Inoka Genome Federation, also competed in NJPW Yokohama Dead Out






15. Peter Arts (Player) NetherlandsPeter Aerts (Netherlands)– super heavyweight kick boxer, three time K-1 kickboxing champion, twice international kick boxing federation champion, and six time World Muay Thai Association champion. Considered one of the all-time great kick boxers.








16. Jerome Le Banner (Player) FranceJérôme Le Banner (France) – kickboxer, three time and current World Kickboxing Network oriental super heavyweight champion. 







18. Wang Bin (Player) ChinaWang Bin (China) - began martial arts training in 2009 when was selected by the IGF to train in Japan under the mentorship of Antonio Inoki. He beat the experienced Kendo Kashin in 2013 at his rookie debut match. 









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